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Strategy & Consulting

strategy consultingSuperior Consulting for Performance of Your Website
Kasthuri Web Design helps start-ups and new businesses leverage the web. Get connected with experts in technology and web solutions to reach your goal. We’ll help you find the right knowledge, solutions and people you need to accomplish your objectives. You need a personalized Internet strategy that fits with your business goals and your organizational culture. You’ll also need to figure out the right way to deploy your resources to make your goals achievable. Whether you’re looking to redesign your website, build a site from scratch, or even get on top of missed business opportunities online, our Internet strategists will present you with an action plan that respects your business model, your budget and your resources.

Design & Development

design and developmentEye Catching Design and Clean Code
Website is very important for your business. We love to build beautiful, user friendly and responsive websites for your business. From our creative planning process to quality control, our engineers work hand-in-hand with you to optimize your web presence. Developing websites using the latest HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, PHP, MySql and WordPress has long been one of our strengths. All of our websites are cross-browser compatible, scaleable, and built to surpass industry standards. About 22 percentage of the websites in the entire world are built on WordPress and we at Kasthuri Web Design support WordPress platform because WordPress is 100% customizable and it’s the most SEO-friendly web design platform.

Online Marketing

online marketingMake Presence of Your Business
Website is not just placing the contents and images. It has to reach the end users. You need to stand out from your competitors. Kasthuri Web Design specilizes in targeted marketing campaigns that are the most effective. You can grow your business by expanding your reach through new marketing avenues for new lead generation. We do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Mobile Development

mobile developmentGo Mobile
There are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, that is equivalent to 96 percent of the world population. With 48% of US consumers browsing the web on their mobile device, it is time to get serious about mobile. Today, more people access the web using mobile devices as opposed to traditional PCs. As a result, your customers are more likely to have their first encounter with your brand and business on a mobile device. To manage in a world of ever-increasing device complexity, we need to focus on what matters most to our customers and businesses. We build clean and easy to use mobile friendly websites to help businesses execute winning mobile strategies.

We design and develop responsive websites that will be responsive to the wide variety of screen formats and device types. This includes designing websites that look and function well on android, iphones, tablets, notebooks, kindle and wide screens. Responsive design is the technology by which we design and develop liquid layout that automatically optimizes and adjusts the content of the site as per the resolution of the device itself for any screen size. With responsive design, you do not have to have a separate mobile, tablet and desktop versions of your websites, because the responsive framework will adjust to whatever the resolution is being desplayed. You need to update the website at one place only.